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Solar Decathlon Europe 2021 -
Development of an urban timber construction


The Solar Decathlon is a student 1: 1 competition that primarily addresses architects, energy and sustainability. 18 university teams from eleven nations take part in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021.
The student competition was first held in the United States in 2002. So far, four competitions have been held in Europe. The teams compete in 10 categories.

In 2021, the Solar Decathlon Europe will take place for the first time in Germany at the Mirker Quatier in Wuppertal. It addresses the energy transition in the district and thus the further development of the urban building stock. Each of the teams applied and qualified on one of three different subject areas based on real renovation examples in the district. The teams have two years of planning to develop a building.

Close expansion, additional storeys and vacant lots:
These are the central architectural building tasks of the energy transition in the district. Here, architect​​​ural and energy-technical aspects must be reconciled in the planning. The competition ends with a two-week public final selection of all teams on the competition site. Here, the colleges and universities compete against each other with their 1: 1 prototypes and are evaluated in ten disciplines.​



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